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Sh*t’s about to get weird

Beyond 84 is the only entertainment focused branding studio that can help other makers and creatives focus, expand, and grow their projects so they can continue to what they’re most passionate about.

This is where your story begins.
This is your call
to adventure.

Leave the ordinary behind and we’re here to guide you. We know what lies ahead and can prepare you properly for the journey. Our team of strategists, designers, writers, and creators are well equipped to bring your business, idea, channel, or purpose from ordinary to extraordinary.

Our methodology
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We’re serious about not being too serious and that’s not for everyone, but we’ll work our asses off every time to create the coolest & most interesting work. We’re interested in doing things a little more differently because in order to take your brand or business beyond we need to have been there ourselves.

Take me

Every brand story has a beginning, middle, & end.

Get ready to leave your ‘ordinary world’ and learn more about your brand or business. Through a series of quick and guided strategy sessions we’ll make sure you’re fully prepared to take your brand beyond.

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After crossing the threshold your brand or business will be truly tested. This is where your brand becomes new and unique. Through guided design sessions and workshops you’ll be able to emerge from beyond back to your reality.

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Now that you’ve ‘returned’ and have been made new, it’s time to show the new you to the world.

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We want clients like you.

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Dispel your doubts. Enter the mentor(s).

This is the crucial turning point for your brand or business, where we help to dispel your doubts and fears, giving you the strength, courage, and knowledge to begin your quest.

Get to know us
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Now you’re ready. Cross the threshold–
and commit
to the journey

Are you ready for your wand, red pill, or ring of power?

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