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It’s not enough to simply market a great product or service, you need a brand that can stand out in a saturated marketplace. Your brand is the expression of your company’s strategy in words, tonality, sound, color, design, imagery and illustrations. Our process walks you through every step, making sure you hit every vertical effectively and efficiently.

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ACT 1:

The Ordinary World

Luke Skywalker lives on a moisture farm on Tatooine. Frodo lives comfortably in the shire. Harry Potter lives in a cupboard under the stairs. This is where we discover your brand and establish your status quo.

Week one

> Perception Survey
> Brand Attributes
> Brand Positioning Statement
> User Personas
> Competitive Analysis

Week two

Crossing the Threshold
> Messaging
> Value Proposition
> Core Identity
    Brand Vision
    Brand Mission
    Brand Values
> Brand (origin) Story

Brand Strategy Complete

ACT 2:

Entering Beyond

Luke Skywalker rescues Leia, but Vader kills Obi-wan. Frodo is led away by Gollum, but Sam saves him. Harry and friends overcome the obstacles protecting the Philosopher’s Stone. This is where we really test your brand and though there may be loss, be led astray, or face obstacles the reward is on the horizon.

Brand naming kickoff

Optional add on

Additional Creative Services

Optional add on

Week three

Design Brief
> Defined Visuals
> User Persona Alignment
> Stylescapes

Week(s) four - six

The Brand’s Design
> Logo Design
> Brand Guidelines
> Visual Collateral

Brand Identity Complete

ACT 3:

The Road Back

Luke Skywalker remembers Obi-wan’s advice and uses the Force to destroy the Death Star. Frodo reunites with the Fellowship after Sauron is destroyed. Harry is told by Dumbledore that Harry is protected by his mother’s love. Your brand has been through a lot and has been transformed from the journey. It’s time to take the road back to the ordinary world and present the new and changed us.

Week seven

Website Scope
> Goals Alignment
> User Journeys

Landing Page Design

Optional add on.
May not reflect final design

Week(s) eight - ten

Building a map
> Wireframes
> Copywriting

Week(s) ten - twelve

Website Design
> Look and Feel
> Interaction Development

Week(s) thirteen - twenty

Website Development
> Programming
> Q/A Testing

Website Complete

Brand Activation

Optional add on.
Brand Activation
Brand Campaigns <
Launch & Rollout <
Employee activation <
Go to market plans <

To be continued.

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