In this concept we partnered with the New York Film Academy (NYFA) to create a striking new visual identity that reflects the organization’s new offers and vision.

Founded in 1992, NYFA is was one of the only original film schools in New York and had a unique focus on hands-on learning.  Many alumni have gone on to be some of today’s most prolific people in the entertainment industry.  It now offers many new programs including, producing, screenwriting, cinematography, digital editing, documentary film, acting for film, 3D animation and visual effects, photography, game design, musical theater, graphic design, and virtual reality.

Brand challenge

Following an extensive period of internal examination, NYFA decided that their brand identity was out-of-date and no longer reflected the ambitions of the school. Despite being a pioneering organization in the film industry, they lacked wider industry awareness of their new programs and offerings–including BA and MBA programs. Therefore we needed to bring clarity to their programs and offerings, both on and offline.

We were brought on board to clarify their mission and create an identity that felt engaging and representative of a wide, more diverse artistic community. Primarily we needed to create a new identity that could be familiar, yet new, not losing their legacy and instead forging a new one.

New York Film Academy is a mouthful to say–and through a series interviews with staff, students, and alumni they all agreed NYFA (Nye-fa) was a well used short hand.

When looking at the school’s programs we wanted to include a mark that could represent them all–so looking at a film screen, sideways script page, stage (from above), computer screen, we found our rectangle. Then placing the word mark in a position to break the square represented that you (the student) weren’t confined to all what’s inside four walls.

Additionally, we needed the logo to be fluid enough to represent the different locations the School, was based in as well as represent the different colleges/areas of study.

We ended braking up the different colleges with a splash of color associating the specific areas of study. Film and Media as red, Visual Arts was blue and Performing Arts as Yellow.

The resulting toolkit brought together a light graphic element on a splash we could use in  photography treatments to complement and unite the palette.

Logo before and after