Every gamer wants to be a God.

We were challenged to create an energy drink brand that appeals to modern gamers: Busy people who game whenever they have spare time.

We figured out that gamers really longed for flexibility: Some wanted to play into the long hours of the night while others hoped to game for an hour or two after work before waking up early the following day.

Gaming has evolved over the years. It’s become more acceptable to be seen as a gamer, and the stereotypical, “nerd in the basement who lives with his mom” is no more.

Gamers aren’t the childish nerds that got a bad rep. Nowadays being a gamer is totally normal. Many gamers have even turned gaming into a full-time profession. The brand identity behind GodMode pays respect to this deserving glow-up with minimal logos, an alluring color palette, and an edgy design that shows consumers we are serious about gaming.

The decisions behind GodMode’s visual identity aims to create an emotional connection with a wide demographic of gamers, something that can appeal to all backgrounds. We want consumers to feel a connection with the brand as a company that understands gaming and can provide them with what they need after a long day, not just forcing another tacky energy drink onto store shelves.

Level up youR energy